VET Teacher training

Google Apps for Education – Customised

This training is designed just for you. Kathryn can design training specifically for your industry need in mind with the technology skills of your teachers. If you are not sure what sort of training you think you might need then this is the option for you!

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Google Apps for Education – Trades

This training has been designed specifically for teachers of apprentices in the construction industry. This is a rapidly growing industry and teachers need technology skills to meet the needs of both industry and a modern learner.

In this training you will:

  • Use Google Apps that your class can use straight away
  • Consider how technology can assist with literacy and numeracy needs
  • Develop skills in using blended learning
  • Use and develop augmented and virtual reality apps that your learners will love!

How to develop blended content for VET learners 

It is often difficult to move from paper based courses to technology based teaching practices. This course is designed for a teacher who has none or a little experience using technology in their teaching. Sometimes using technology can be overwhelming so this course is hands on and will give you practical skills to get started.

In this course you will:

  • Understand modern learning environments
  • Gain skills in trouble shooting
  • Develop blended teaching resources for your current classes
  • Kick-start your knowledge network to help you when you are stuck

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